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Welcome, Fellow Parents!

My name is Meghan Coupal and I am one of two, let’s say, “house bloggers”. I am a mother of four young children, and as such, the majority of my friends are also parents with children. My very closest friend and parenting confidant/advisor is at the same stage of parenting. It works out because we get along so well and our children more or less occupy each other. I can’t help but notice the vast differences in our parenting styles and experiences, however. We both are pretty much in the same situation; kids of similar ages, stay-at-home moms, limited family support, and with similar cultural and geographical backgrounds. And yet, we are incredibly different.

What makes our friendship and tandem parenting journey work is a combination of shared ideas and tolerance. Though we often agree to disagree and sometimes end up in heated discussions, we realize that there is no right way or single way to parent. So that lends the question: If she and I can be so similar in so many ways and still have such a different perspective to offer, how much could I be learning from others?

With the wide variety of people coming from all different backgrounds, areas, and upbringings, ‘Ontarioans’ have so much to offer one another. Everyone has a different arsenal of knowledge and experience to share.

Personally, and probably like most people, I am who I am as a parent today because of the advice and guidance that I receive from my friends and fellow parents. If I could broaden my scope of contacts, imagine what I could learn and how I could evolve as a parent, wife, and friend.

I am very excited about The Ontario Parenting Connection. This will be an opportunity to gain insight and information from other parents and professionals. It will also allow parents and parents-to-be a platform to voice opinions on issues involving parenting, pregnancy, and community support and services. As an advocacy group, The Ontario Parenting Connection will be releasing surveys, conducting forums, and will monitor local happenings in order to get a clear idea of how the community feels about current services, and most importantly, how we can improve. I can’t wait to hear from each of you!