Great Feedback from Community at OPC Launch

Last Wednesday OPC had our official launch! We invited the community to come out and meet us. It was great!

OPC was founded in North Grenville and as such, we plan to begin here. Our first project will be to hold a community needs assessment. This will bring parents together to document the issues that they feel are of concern to them right here in North Grenville. Based on the data collected we will create a plan that will address the issues and advocate for pro-social change. We want to help parents get their needs addressed.

We feel that there is a desire for parents in North Grenville to get informed, get involved, and get connected. Who better to provide support, identify gaps in services, and advocate for the changes parents want to see in our communities than the parents themselves? What is problematic for young families is that we are super busy. We get together at parks, play groups and activities have discussions and great ideas for change but then we get back to our primary role as parent and the issues never get addresses. OPC wants to address those issues. We want to empower parents and help them make the changes they want to see in their communities.

There are five areas that have been addressed by parents at the local level, these include:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Education
  • Recreation
  • Support
  • Social

We were able to have a very informative discussion with the people who attended. Some of the ideas that were brought up include:

  • Have a roster of babysitter available, possibly partnering with the Kemptville Youth Centre or the Red Cross Babysitting Course
  • Support for special needs such as Autism
  • Gather to designate and help elect an awesome parent of young kids to municipal council – a voice on council
  • Recreation for special needs kids
  • More play equipment in the park (Riverside)
  • Lighting at the park (security) for vandalism
  • Let’s push municipality for an indoor pool (paid in part by all of the many developers currently churning out houses
  • A local hub/tally of nursery schools, alternative daycare, daycare
  • An attempt to include and assist very young mothers
  • Support for rural education, namely Oxford on the Rideau
  • Road safety – Maley Street, sidewalks on 43 – accessing the OEYC now that it requires parents to risk their children’s safety by walking 1.2km on with no sidewalk, motorist not respecting pedestrians right of way – especially when they turn onto Prescott from Ruben or Clothier, bus stop rules are not followed by motorists – just to name a few.
  • Accessible Health Care after hours other than the ER – especially for children.
  • Recreational activities such as a swimming lesson sponsorship program like in The Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal, a splash pad at Riverside park and the structures not being replaced that were removed.
  • The high school is only 4 years old and is already over capacity.
  • Newborn services such as the hearing test and heel prick test should be available in our community – we should not have to go to a different city to get them.
  • Childcare, parental leave, maternity leave

Let us know if you would like us to support any of these suggestions. How would you like to see change in our community? Send us your thoughts.


A special thank you to our sponsors!

All Seasons Wedding Ltd. – Casey and Bev McKibbon – Who will be giving OPC $1000 to contribute to the needs assessment. They have officiates in the area marrying people in love and also supports parents. We are very thankful for the generous donation.

BlackSmith Multimedia + Design – specifically Tom Lilly who worked with us and created our very cool logo! We love that it is a map of Ontario!

Genville Mutal Insurance Company – who has provided us with the use of this great space – the Spencerville Room.

Brewed Awakenings – especially Kika Smith for providing the delicious treats tonight.

Rideau Roastery – the owner Malina Dockendorff – for proving the yummy coffee – the elicer of parents everywhere!

Stephanie Timmons – for the beautiful cake!

The Ontario Parenting Connection would love for you to learn more, ask questions, spread the word, and, if you choose to participate that would be wonderful. We want to hear from you!

Let’s get informed, get involved, and get connected in North Grenville!


All the best,


2 thoughts on “Great Feedback from Community at OPC Launch

  1. Way to go! I am so proud of each and everyone and of you. Thank you to our sponsors and members that made our night a success!

    1. Thanks Chantal. It really was a great night. I’m sorry you had to miss the launch. It is a perfect example of how very busy us, as parents, really are on a day to day basis. It is very difficult for a collective group of parents to be simultaneously available to get together and work toward change, especially when the process can be time-consuming. Hopefully, parents understand that we are willing to take on the burdens of the time demands. We just hope community members will share their concerns so we know where we can be helpful.

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