Where do you go when you’re sick and your GP is not available?

Two days ago, my six-year-old daughter comes to me with itchy bumps all over. Not sure what it might be, I start stripping her bed and checking all around her room for potential tiny, hungry intruders. I also called TeleHealth. After a series of questions, I am told to bring her to the doctor within 24 hours since it could be chicken pox. It is now the evening and the doctor’s office is closed; but that doesn’t matter anyways because their policy is that if you want to see the doctor, you have to call first thing the morning of. My friend compares it to trying to be caller seven when a radio station is giving away prizes. First thing the next morning, I call my GP’s office. He’s not in until Friday. I would still like to know whether she is highly contagious with chicken pox or being eaten alive while she sleeps.  My only other option is to wait endlessly to see a doctor at the emergency room (or travel to the nearest walk-in clinic 30 minutes away). Now, I know this is NOT an emergency situation, as often times they are not, but still, I have no other option, do I?  It turns out, I do, and I can’t be more excited to tell you all about it.dr-shawn

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Great Feedback from Community at OPC Launch

Last Wednesday OPC had our official launch! We invited the community to come out and meet us. It was great!

OPC was founded in North Grenville and as such, we plan to begin here. Our first project will be to hold a community needs assessment. This will bring parents together to document the issues that they feel are of concern to them right here in North Grenville. Based on the data collected we will create a plan that will address the issues and advocate for pro-social change. We want to help parents get their needs addressed.

We feel that there is a desire for parents in North Grenville to get informed, get involved, and get connected. Who better to provide support, identify gaps in services, and advocate for the changes parents want to see in our communities than the parents themselves? What is problematic for young families is that we are super busy. We get together at parks, play groups and activities have discussions and great ideas for change but then we get back to our primary role as parent and the issues never get addresses. OPC wants to address those issues. We want to empower parents and help them make the changes they want to see in their communities.

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Committee discusses Canada Post Park, budget variances and community grants

Kemptville Advance

The following is a list of briefs from the committee of the whole meeting held on Oct. 17.


Public meeting for proposed zoning amendment (Pioneer Nursery)

A public meeting was held for a proposed zoning amendment for lands loc


ated at 632 and 648 Van Buren Street in Kemptville (Pioneer Nursery).

The proposed amendment would permit industrial uses for the lands, which are surrounded by residential properties, including the Brookside development.

“There are lots of interesting things around the property where the rezoning has been requested,” said Phil Mosher, planner. “The two properties themselves are designated business enterprise, according to North Grenville’s Official Plan.”

Ontario Parenting Connection seeks to bring local parents together to assess needs

Kemptville Advance
By Jennifer Westendorp

Advocating for social change is the name of the game for The Ontario Parenting Connection.

The North Grenville based organization, founded by local moms Samantha Kutowy and Meghan Coupal, started in June and is now comprised of six board members.

“The idea for OPC came from Meghan and I, who like most parents, talk about issues around raising children – the good, the bad and the ugly,” explained Kutowy.

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Ready for Change!

Hi! I’m Samantha Kutowy – the other half who founded the Ontario Parenting Connection. I was hoping that my first blog would be to announce that the North Grenville Council has approved our application under The North Grenville Community Grants Program. Unfortunately, the council voted against us receiving a very small grant of $1000. Instead they are carrying over $3850 for next year.  They stated that they wanted to use the money for ‘capital projects’. The actual description of the community grants program states:

“The North Grenville Community Grants Program exists to provide financial support to not-for-profit community associations and organizations for services, projects or events that contribute toward the quality of life of local residents. Financial support from the Municipality recognizes the valuable resources and contributions of these organizations in helping North Grenville maintain a strong community focus.”


OPC wants to hold a small onetime event – a needs assessment for parents in North Grenville. The objective is to bring parents together to assess the needs for parents and families in our community. The outcome of this event would be to take the documented information to the appropriate governments and social service agencies to advocate for improvements to the quality of life for the local parents and children…or if you will the ‘local residents’.

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Get Connected

Welcome to the future home of our community connection hub. Here, you will find information on local community services and events. Phase 1 will include the North Grenville and surrounding areas.

We also look forward to hearing what you think about the current services in our community and events that you can share.

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Welcome, Fellow Parents!

My name is Meghan Coupal and I am one of two, let’s say, “house bloggers”. I am a mother of four young children, and as such, the majority of my friends are also parents with children. My very closest friend and parenting confidant/advisor is at the same stage of parenting. It works out because we get along so well and our children more or less occupy each other. I can’t help but notice the vast differences in our parenting styles and experiences, however. We both are pretty much in the same situation; kids of similar ages, stay-at-home moms, limited family support, and with similar cultural and geographical backgrounds. And yet, we are incredibly different.

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