Voice your Opinions for Kemptville

Here are some bits of information from the Municipality of North Grenville. We think it is very important that the voices of the residents of North Grenville be heard. Please let the Municipality of North Grenville know how you feel. Here are 3 ways you can do that.



OPC Attending theopp Police Services Board Meeting 

I will be attending the Police Services Board Meeting next Tuesday to address road safety in North Grenville and to recommend an ‘Internet Sales Exchange’ location. Please send me your concerns as a resident of North Grenville. The more commonly mentioned topics include speeding, pedestrian safety while crossing the street, and school bus safety. The Ontario Parenting Connection wants to advocate for a safer community. Email us here: ontarioparenting@gmail.com



Bridge between Clothier Striverside-bridge. and Riverside Park

The Municipality of North Grenville is requesting public input with regards to a pedestrian bridge at Riverside Park and waterfront walking/biking trails. You can have your say up until December 3, 2016.


The following document, “MUNICIPALITY OF NORTH GRENVILLE, PROPOSED WATERFRONT TRAILS AND PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE ON THE SOUTH BRANCH OF THE RIDEAU RIVER”, outlines the plans the municipality has for the bridge and trails. The map is on page 5 – you will need to zoom in a lot to actually see anything…. good luck if you are on a phone.


Water Pollution Control Plant and Sanitary Pump Station Optimization and Expansion smelly

The Municipality is planning to conduct two public information sessions during the course of the study. Personally – I hope they can fix the smell! There’s nothing like taking you kids down to Curry Park and being down-wind from the smell of human feces. Bleh!  I’m sure the local residents know what I’m talking about and can appreciate the value of odour-free air to breathe. You can find out more here:



Just an FYI – here is the link that lists all the parks in North Grenville. I didn’t realize that we had so many parks! That’s great! The municipality does need to update this list because the “park” at Reuben and Prescott is missing. You know, the“park” that is getting a $25,000 facelift from the municipality while other, more practical, family-friendly parks become increasingly run-down.


Photo of Park by Drew Hosick


Your voice is valuable, powerful, and we need to hear it.

All the best,